R.E.A.D.Y. Program

The Calhoun County 9-1-1 District uses the R.E.A.D.Y. Program (Respond, Educate, And Develop our Youth). The 9-1-1 Mascot, Red E. Fox, visits schools with an employee from 9-1-1 to educate children about the proper use of 9-1-1, being safe and how to become a 9-1-1 Hero. Each student receives educational items, as well as coloring books, that instruct children about when you should call 9-1-1.

See the Events Section for more information on R.E.A.D.Y. award presentations.

When to Dial 9-1-1

Vehicle Accidents with or without injuries or entrapment

Medical Emergencies

On-going disturbances, fights, or arguments

Gun Shots or weapons present


Gas Leaks

Any other life or property threatening emergency

When not to Dial

Information Requests

Inmate Information (Contact the Law Enforcement Agency)

Power Outages (Other than associated with a medical emergency)

Phone Problems



What Information Will 9-1-1 Need From You?

LOCATION is the most important piece of information that you can give us.

Know your address, even if you have just moved to the area.

If you are traveling, make a mental note of cross streets and businesses around you. It will help in getting emergency personnel to your location.

What is your emergency?

We need to know exactly what type of help you will need.

If you are having a medical emergency, we have protocols that we must follow, the questions that we are asking are to assist the responding personnel and to provide you with pre-approved medical instructions that could save your life or that of your loved ones.

What should you do until emergency personnel arrives?

Do not put yourself in danger.

Never re-enter a structure that is on fire.

Follow the medical instructions that your call taker gave you.

Stay Calm, emergency personnel will be there as soon as possible.

What should I do if I accidentally dialed 9-1-1?

Stay on the line and speak with the call taker, they will verify your phone number and address information. Tell them that you have no emergency and you dialed by accident.

Why does my cell phone dial 9-1-1 without my knowledge?

Some cell phones are equipped with an emergency or SOS button, usually the 9 buttons. If this button is held down for any length of time it could dial 9-1-1, even if your keypad is locked.

If your phone has a SIM card and it is damaged, your phone may only be able to dial 9-1-1, contact your service provider from a landline phone.