The initial training of new employees consists of SOG (Standard Operating Guidelines) review, an in-depth review of the Vesta NG9-1-1 and Motorola Spillman answering platform, call scenarios, radio dispatch scenarios, and equipment training and much more. Each employee is certified as a basic Telecommunicator and Emergency Medical Dispatcher through A.P.C.O. (Association of Public Communication Officials).

The training period varies for each employee but is usually from three to six months in length. The employee is then placed on shift with a supervisor or long term employee to begin reinforcement training in preparation for taking calls. Employees will be placed online into the rotation when they are determined to be ready by the CTO and Supervisors. Each employee is on probation for the first year of employment.

Each month all employees are involved in completing in-service training covering many areas. Each employee must complete assigned training in Standard Operating Guidelines, Emergency Medical Dispatch, Evacuation Procedures, Available Resources and much more.