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Amy Adams

Amy Adams began her career with the Calhoun County 9-1-1 District in 1995.  She started out as a Telecommunicator I/II (Call-Taker/Dispatcher) and worked her way up to Telecommunicator III (Supervisor).  Mrs. Adams was promoted to Communications Training Officer in 2003, and served in that role for nine years.  In February 2014, Mrs. Adams was placed in the role of Operations Manager.  She manages the day-to-day operations of the 9-1-1 Center, and directly supervises the Communications Training Officer and Supervisors.

The Communications Center is the heart of the Calhoun County 9-1-1 District, answering and processing an average of two hundred (200) 9-1-1 calls per day, ranging from vehicle accidents, police-related calls, fire calls, medical calls, to information requests. However, this is only a portion of the job.  The 9-1-1 District currently dispatches for Anniston Police Department, Anniston Fire Department, Jacksonville Fire Department, Jacksonville EMS, 10 volunteer fire departments and 3 first responder agencies throughout the county, and acts as the point of contact for the Office of the Calhoun County Coroner. The Telecommunicators monitor most radio communcations throughout the county and have the ability to assist when necessary. In addition, personnel answer and make approximately 100 calls per day on non-emergency lines in relation to address verification, emergency updates and information requests.

Communications Center

The Calhoun County 9-1-1 District Communications Center is a state of the art work environment. All calls are processed using the Vesta/Sentinel 4 answering platform and Spillman 6.3 CAD system, allowing call takers the ability to enter and correct information, send information to the agencies we serve and create incidents to document each call that comes in. The center has ten dedicated lines (9-1-1 Trunks) and seven dispatch lines, allowing for seventeen calls to come into the center at one time, as well as five non-emergency lines from Anniston Police Department.

Calhoun County 9-1-1 is the single Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in Calhoun County, answering all 9-1-1 calls and making notifications to the appropriate Police, Fire or EMS agency per their jurisdictional lines. The Operations Manager works with the management of each agency in Calhoun County to ensure that the agencies are receiving the information that they need to respond to an emergency.

Nine answering positions, equipped with ergonomic, articulating consoles, are located in the main communications center, allowing personnel to sit, stand or alternate between the two. One answering position is located in the Supervisors Office giving the center ten total answering positions. Additionally, there are four answering positions located at Anniston Police Department, allowing simultaneous processing of emergency calls in both locations.

Each position is equipped with a Motorola MCC7500 radio console, a database consisting of all addresses in the county, Vesta/Sentinel 4, Spillman 6.3 CAD. The positions also have internet access that gives our Telecommunications the resources they need to assist callers by using internet mapping systems, nationwide law enforcement directories, Google Earth, Virtual Alabama and more.

All personnel is certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers through the Association of Public Communication Officials (APCO) EMD program. This certification allows us to provide medical pre-arrival instructions to callers and to obtain information to assist the responding agencies in treating your emergency. Telecommunicators hold Basic Telecommunicator Certification from APCO as well. Throughout the training process, Telecommunicators are trained in HAZ-Mat, TTY Use, CPR and several other areas.

All personnel are trained to use many different types of equipment including UHF, VHF and 800 MHz radio systems, hand-held and mobile units.

The communications center acts as a back-up for the Calhoun County EMA office in Jacksonville Alabama, with the equipment and ability to set off the weather sirens in case of failure at the EMA office. We also utilize the National Weather Service live radar to help determine staffing levels in case of inclement weather.

The Calhoun County 9-1-1 Districts maintains a back-up PSAP off-site in case of a disaster at our
main location. This gives us the ability to evacuate and continue to process emergency calls without any delay in service.

The Operations Department is currently staffed by:

1x Operations Manager

6x Telecommunicator III / CTO (Shift Supervisors / Communication Training Officers)

10x Telecommunicator II / (Dispatchers)

11x Telecommunicator I (Call-Takers)